The history of Marvel Comics began in 1939.  The company was originally founded under the name Timely Publications and the original creator of what is now known as Marvel Comics is Martin Goodman.  Some of the most well known comic book characters came from Marvel Comics and it is also known as a huge corporation called Marvel Entertainment.  This corporation is known worldwide and has impacted the world of comic books in a great way as well as brought in a lot of money.  Timely Comics originally produced great characters and they were known as super heroes. The super heroes gained the interest of many young people and the comic books became very popular in the United States.  One character in particular created during World War II by Timely Comics was Captain America.  Captain America was one of Timely Comics first successes and he was known to be the hero of that time period.  He was continuously battling enemies and during that era the enemies happened to be the Nazis along with other evil men. 

Yet, as styles and interests began to change at the end of the war the comic characters began to change as well.  They went from being once costumed super heroes that gained a lot of popularity and attention to characters on the decline being replaced by new characters to take their places in history.  Also, during that time period Timely Comics became known as Atlas Comics and in order to gain popularity again Atlas changed its comic themes.  The themes went from war time heroes to a variety of other themes including horror.  But, eventually the war time heroes made a comeback soon after their decline to battle the Communist rather than the Nazis.

With that said, the industry of Atlas Comics went under political scrutiny and was forced to change its themes once again. The code authority was then formed and was used as a means for regulating the comic books along with their content.  Soon after the forming of the code authority the comic book heroes began to reemerge right back into the comic book scene. This time period was known as the silver age and comics were then able to feature some new and exciting artwork as well as create some great story lines for the books.  The super heroes of the past were then transformed into newer versions of themselves and their stories included their emotional and personal backgrounds.  This is when Marvel Comics officially emerged in 1961 and the Fantastic Four was created. The Fantastic Four consisted of a group of super heroes that went on to become quite popular and are still very popular today.

The film we watched in class discussed the history of DC and Marvel Comics and gave us insight about the world of comic books.  This included creating the characters, publishing the books, and highlighting all of the highs and lows of comic book history.  The film also focused on discussing the creation of comic book characters that we all know and love.  It explained how they were created and how they became so popular over the years.  Some of the famous comic book characters discussed in the film were Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  All three of those comic book characters became very famous and are still very famous today.

My favorite superhero is Storm who is known as the leader of the X-Men.  Storm is my favorite superhero because she was one of the first superheroes that I connected with when I was younger.  This was because she was an African American female and there are not many African American characters in comic books in general, let alone female ones.  With that said, Storm has the power to perceive and manipulate the forces and elements that govern weather and she is a prominent member of the X-Men, a recent addition to the Avengers, wife of the Black Panther, and the reigning Queen of Wakanda.  She was created by the writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum and made her first ever appearance in Giant Size X-Men # 1 in May 1975.