ImageThis picture was taken at the MLK Memorial site on MLK Day 2012.  The image itself is pretty clear in my opinion considering it was taken on a cold and cloudy day.  The colors of our hands and nails pop against the gray color of the memorial.  This picture means a lot to me because it was taken with three of my friends from high school.  We have known each other since freshman year of high school and we never imagined that we would all be together going to school in Washington, D.C.  This image signifies our friendship and represents us coming together as four strong African American women on such an important day.  Martin Luther King Jr. made it possible for us to share this moment together and if it wasn’t for him, we probably would not be attending such wonderful universities with so much diversity.  As far as the picture itself goes, our hands are touching the memorial.  This represents us thanking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for touching the lives of all of us and making so many things possible.  On that day, we were proud to be able to join so many people to celebrate the life of Dr. King.  Every time I look at this picture, it brings me back to that day and I feel nothing but joy.